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  1. Name: Anna Riabinina
  2. Nationality: Ukranian
  3. Date of birth: 1981
  4. Location: Chester, Cheshire, UK
  5. Telephone: +447456964860
  6. Email:
  7. Education: University Degree with honors

  8. Institute: Kharkov Teaching University
    Date: From - To: 1997 - 2002
    Degree or Diploma obtained: Degree with honours in Teaching and Translating English and Chinese

  9. Language skills: (5 Excellent to 1 Basic)

  10. Language Reading Speaking Writing
    Russian Native Native Native
    Ukranian 5 5 5
    English 5 5 5
    Chinese 3 3 3
    Italian 5 5 5

  11. Other Skills: Computer literate with speed typing ability
  12. Current Position: Interpreter/Translator (free-lance)
  13. Key Qualifications:
    • Fluent in English, Italian and Chinese to the level of interpreter and translator;
    • Experienced as a personal assistant to senior management;
    • Experienced in negotiating with partners and companies from all over the world;
    • Good team player, fully comfortable working in an international business environment, enthusiastic about team-building activities and event management;
    • Well-developed presentational skills;
    • Experienced in Oil&Gas, Aluminium refining, Electrical/Automation/Instrumentation/Piping/Civil/Mechanical fields as well as banking, IT, medicine, fashion, textiles, clothing/footwear and design;
    • Database management experience; development of glossaries and work manuals;
    • Experience in teaching English as a foreign Language.
  14. International Experience:

  15. Country Dates:
    China 1999-2000, 2004, 2006
    Italy 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009
    UK, USA 2007 (internship)

  16. Professional Experience :

  17. Dates Sep 2010 - June 2011
    Location Kiev, Ukraine
    Company INTESA SAN PAOLO, Pravex Bank, head office
    Job title Interpreter/Translator/Personal Assistant
    • Overall language support of a big IT Project (called Constellation) related to Oracle software implementation: interpreting at meetings and workshops (which a dozen interpreters before me found too difficult and refused), translating manuals and presentations.
    • In the meantime personal assistance to the project manager Giorgio Gavioli with his schedule, business expenses, contracts,certificates acts of acceptance etc.
    • Acquired a rich IT and banking vocabulary, compiled a couple of project glossaries.

    Dates July 2008 – July 2009
    Location Moscow, Russia
    Company FLOUR DANIEL OVERSEAS, INC., Refining & Petrochemical Complex Project “Taneco”, Moscow
    Job title Interpreter/Translator
    • Overall language support of an extensive Project (Moscow office): interpreting during management meetings, teleconferences, progress meetings; translating conference notes, correspondence, contractual and technical documentation. Personal assistance to project managers Doug Alcorn and Steve Harrington.
    • Acquired a good command of technical terms on the following subjects: Oil & Gas, Electrical Engineering, Control/Automation, Instrumentation, Piping, Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

    Dates 2006 – 2008
    Location Moscow, Russia
    Company RUSAL
    Job title Independent Translator/Interpreter
    Via Russian Translator Agency worked for RUSAL on frequent business trips to Siberia, acquired a thorough understanding of aluminium mining and processing, a good command of technical terms on mining, environment, safety and experience in synchronous interpreting.

    Dates 2004 – 2008 (in the meantime with the job above)
    Location Maryland, USA
    Company AGVSPORT Apparel for motorcycle riders
    Job title Interpreter, Brand Manager in Europe
    International travels for exhibitions. Assistance in setting exhibition stands in Europe and dealing with customers. Market research. Finding distributors, translating their websites, corresponding with partner, representing the company at negotiations, personal assistance to CEO Michael Parrotte.

    Dates 2006-2007
    Location Moscow, Russia
    Company PREMIER slot machines
    Job title Translator and Procurement Manager
    Business trips to China, search for manufacturers, translation of contractual documentation, personal assistance to CEO Alexey Sorokin.

    Dates 2005 – 2006
    Location Moscow, Russia
    Company TOTALCITY delicacies from Italy
    Job title Translator and Sales Manager
    Placing and tracking orders. Market research and data processing, interpreting at negotiations, translating documentation.

    Dates 2005
    Location Moscow, Russia
    Company PASSPORT magazine
    Job title Sales Manager
    Searching for potential advertisers, buildings contacts with them, maintaining old contacts. Market research and database development.

    Dates: 2004 - 2005
    Location Kharkov, Ukraine
    Company KORTEX textile company
    Job title Personal Assistant and Interpreter
    Negotiating and corresponding with foreign partners, attending exhibitions and identifying potential suppliers in fashion and textiles sectors. Long-term trips to China and Italy for textile procurement.

    Dates: 2002 - 2004
    Location Dpepropetrovsk, Ukraine
    Company 5 STARS Agency
    Job title Manager/Interpreter/Translator
    Written translations, database management, schedule arrangement and consecutive interpretation at meetings.

    Dates: 2001 - 2002
    Location Kharkov, Ukraine
    Company EXTRUDER Private Enterprise
    Job title Translator
    Translating technical texts, interpreting at meetings with Chinese partners.

    Dates: 2001 - 2002
    Location Kharkov, Ukraine
    Company School No. 124
    Job title Teacher
    Teacher of English to school students.

    Dates: 2000
    Location Kharkov, Ukraine
    Company Kharkov State University
    Job title Secretary at the Centre for Foreign Students
    Processing private documents, translating correspondence, organising events and excursions for foreign students, guiding Chinese delegations.

  18. Additional Information
At Kharkov University I took courses in computer application, speed-typing and record-keeping. I was a group monitor and one of the best students, which can be seen from my diploma. During my University course I participated in a students’ exchange programme with China, studying at Beijing Normal University for one year.

In 2007 I was a marketing intern in Maryland, USA.

I am keen on psychology and personal development. Have interpreted Clean Language and Goal Achievement workshops. In my opinion, to achieve one’s goals the most important qualities to have are self-confidence, attention, memory, quick response/efficiency, ability to plan and analyse results, ability to make pleasant surprises. I am a strong believer in hard work and positive thinking.